To celebrate the new lighting system for around 40 towers and walls in Tallinn’s Old Town UNESCO world heritage, a unique audiovisual performance, "The Whispering Lights of Old Town Tallinn,” was premiered. The attendants received a pair of headphones to experience the 3D Sound mixing accompanying the visual mapping on one of the walls while dancers perform. In this slideshow you can enjoy the 360 audio while having a glimpse of what the unique audiovisual performance was.

The audiovisual piece directed by Martti Helde, was brought to life thanks to Jolos entertainment and Real Estate Company Kapitel together with website

Music by Lauri-Dag Tüür

Photography by Silver Gutmann

Dancers/choreographers Arolin Raudva and Raho Aadla

Produced by Siret Tuula

Photo montage Andrei Matalyha

© 2020 by Gabriel Solis